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Making Technology Work For You

Get your Visual Equipment with SPSolutions.

Create your own Visual area. With our always improving design, create a space that will engage your students or your collegaues. Using the correct technological device will provide enchanting experience for your students or collegues.

Donview Interactive Screens

At SPSolutions we often get questioned why should you change your equipment to Interactive Screens. It’s simple, students of today’s era are educating themselves with the use of modern technology. Did you know about 80% of students use their mobile devices to study? Hence we are introducing Donview. The perfect educational technology for your classroom.

Eliminate the frustration of your light source being disturbed. If you replace it with Donview you don’t have to worry about that. With Donview’s 4K Anti-Glare Display, enjoy clarity with a sharp image.

Eliminate the need of projectors, whiteboards, speakers, cables & bring everything together into one, easy-to-use, fully interactive device for your classroom.


A fully build digital data emerged in the early 1990’s, serving as a computer display projector for education, training and business purposes. Since then technology has upgraded tremendously. At SPSolutions, we like to provide our customers with the best. Hence, we choose quantity over quality. Presenting our customers with Epson or Maxell brand.

Epson Ultra-short throw projectors are available in Interactive & Non-interactive models. The advantage of an Ultra-short throw projector is; they reduce glare and shadow on the screen due to their close proximity

Maxell Short throw projector can be adapted to fit most interactive boards. Including older models such as; Sanyo’s & Prometheans. Saving you the cost of a new mount.


A visualiser allows the user to show any type of object to others via a digital projector. Through a visualiser, others can observe the demonstration that are being shown. The scope of its use can be extended with an overhead projector, towards interactive learning practices for instance.

Therefore; visualisers have three methods of how they can be utilized. First of all, the digital camera can be connected to a PC desktop or digital projector to show the visualised object.

Secondly, if accompanied by a visualiser software; activities such as slow-motion, time-lapse or review of 2D/3D object can be fabricated.

Lastly, if the digital camera is connected to an interactive whiteboard, it allows to annotate over the projection in cooperation of the visuliser.

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