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Making Technology Work For You

Children can learn better when the lesson is associated with play.

Hence, become interactive.

Some may argue swapping to Educational Interactive Panels will take away the discipline of traditional learning. SPSolutions disagree with this statement. Interactivity stimulates the mind in our opinion. Thus, Donview Interactive Screens are supplied with Android 8.0 to download interactive learning apps onto our product.

Donview Interactive Panels

At SPSolutions we often get questioned why should you change your equipment to Interactive Screens. It’s simple, students of today’s era are educating themselves with the use of modern technology. Did you know about 80% of students use their mobile devices to study? Hence we are introducing Donview. The perfect educational technology for your classroom.

Eliminate the frustration of your light source being disturbed. If you replace it with Donview you don’t have to worry about that. With Donview’s 4K Anti-Glare Display, enjoy clarity with a sharp image.

Eliminate the need of projectors, whiteboards, speakers, cables & bring everything together into one, easy-to-use, fully interactive device for your classroom.

Trolleys & Mounts

Would you like your Donview Interactive Screen mounted to your wall? Or would you prefer it on an portable trolley.

The biggest advantage of a wall mount is; it’s space efficient. It can also be visually pleasing for a more minimalistic appearance.

A height adjustable trolley on the other hand is favoured for its ability to be relocated to different spaces. As its rolling casters can operate on any type of floor. Move your Donview Interactive Screen to any viewing distance you desire or adjust your height to your liking.

The choice is yours.

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