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Making Technology Work For You

We are not only product suppliers, but service providers also.

We understand in your line of work, you do not have the time to be reaching out to multiple companies, to get one job done. Get the full package. When you decide to work with SPSolutions; we are not only able to provide you with the product but with the service also. One call, one company & the whole job done. These are the wishes our customers convey to SPSolutions & this is what SPSolutions expect to provide.


It is safe today SPSolutions team has 13 years of experience in regards to installing your equipment. We pride ourselves in saying; we are second to none. We will always schedule an appointment according to your schedule. Supplying you with immaculate installation. Settle for quality, never for less, from SPSolutions.

Maintenance & Repairs

The team at SPSolutions understands your equipment needs to be reliable. Hence, we suggest servicing your projecting equipment annually at minimum. As it ensures your equipment is kept working in correct order. Prolong the life of your equipment.

Protective Guards

SPSolutions provides a made to order guards to protect your equipment from the most severe of punishement. It being an act of vandalism or accidental damage. This steel wire guard is designed to fit each specific projector dimensions. Designed to last even longer than the equipment it is protecting.

Network Solutions

To cover all your IT needs, SPSolutions work in partnership with Business IT Solutions. Getting your IT right is no small feat, but with BITS, who have decades of experience, you’ll be working with an IT specialist that’s likely to solve your IT challenges. BITS does not deal in one size fits all IT. They package and tailor every service.

Remote Access

Remote access is the ability to access your device from a remote location. SPSolutions has a number of clientelle across the country. If our clients come across an issue with our Donview Interactive Screen, it is possible for us to monitor, control and troubleshoot the issue remotely from our office.

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