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Donview Educational Interactive Panel

Educational technology for your classroom.

We are all aware the advancement in technology is taking the world by storm. It didn’t fail to take the system in which we educate the next generation. Did you know about 80% of students use their mobile devices to study? Hence we are introducing Donview Educational Interactive Panel. The perfect educational technology for your classroom.

Supplied with 4K Anti-Glare Tempered Glass Display. It has 32 points of touch screen. Donview Interactive Screen is user-friendly and is dual. It includes both Windows 10 upgradeable to Windows 11 and Android 9.0 as standard.

Our software upgrades are ‘FREE FOR LIFE’.

Also allows easy wireless connection and interactivity, from anywhere in the room. Screen mirroring and data sharing to multiple screens is another feature Donview offers. SPSolutions includes a 5 year educational warranty as standard with each screen.

What are a few reasons to replace your old equipment with Donview Educational Interactive Screen?

Were you ever frustrated when something was in the path of the light source of your projector? If you replace it with Donview Educational Interactive Panel you don’t have to worry about that. With Donview’s 4K Anti-Glare Display, enjoy clarity with a sharp image. Our flat screens are made with Tempered Glass. Therefore they are durable. Get rid of the need to buy parts such as lamps or filters every time something goes wrong.

Purchase Donview Educational Technology, Eliminate the need for projectors, whiteboards, speakers, cables & bring everything together into one, easy-to-use, fully interactive device for your classroom. Make the teaching & learning experience more enjoyable for all.

Donview Business Interactive Panel

Perfect Conferencing Panel for your business.

Donview not only provides Interactive Screens for educational purposes. Meet Donview Business, interactive screen perfect for conferencing. Apparently, 90% of organisations strongly agree Video Conferencing is effective for improving the co-ordination between remote team-members. With Donview Interactive Panel’s optical camera, easy communication is almost certain.

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Donview Business for Conferencing

Donview Business Interactive Screen is supplied with 4K UHD Display. The ultra-narrow border allows the largest possible viewing area.

Our Interactive Panel delivers high quality sound & has 32 points of touch. The screen system is dual. Including both Windows 10 and Android 11.0 The optical camera in this screen alllows easy communication & sharing. The collaboration of work and sharing via wireless connectivity & screen mirroring is another of its features. The software from SPSolutions is ‘FREE FOR LIFE’.

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