SPSolutions Repair Work

We repair and service all makes and models of projectors, with a large stock of parts always available. These include;


  • Motherboard replacement
  • Power Ballast replacement
  • Thermal cut off switch replacement
  • Fan replacement
  • Coloured wheel replacement
  • Lamp replacement
  • Free diagnostics on your projector




Projector Motherboard

Is your projector broken? Won’t turn on? Can’t get input to work?

boards Chances are there is an issue with your Projector’s motherboard. Our team of experienced IT and electronic engineers have a combined experience of over 15 years in the industry and are specialists in Projector maintenance, cleaning and repair. Our engineers have an experienced background in visual and power electronics meaning we offer Projector repair skills that are probably unique in the Ireland.

Our repair centre is based at Kilkenny city and we provide repair solutions right down to component level – from power supply faults, ballast repair, colour wheel replacement, motherboard repair, maintenance and cleaning, video input issues,  poor image diagnosis, input connector repair and more.

Not local? Don’t worry we can arrange collection and delivery of your projector for a small fee!

For more information regarding a quote and the repair of your projector, please get in contact with us:  info@spsolutions.ie


Power Ballast

 Projector overheating
This is quite a common case & is quite distinctive. It is usually caused by a problem with the fan or power ballast. If there is no noise then that means the fan will not be working anymore to help cool down your projector. Other things to look out for are making sure that you aren’t leaving your projector in very bright direct sunlight as this obviously won’t help the projector cool down.

 Projector turning on then turning off straight away

If you turn on your projector and power light flashes indicates it is a power issue
There are a number things to look out for. The first thing to check is your power supply and make sure that all of your cables are in fully working condition and connected properly. After that, it would be worth checking how dusty the projector is, this may occur after a long period of time. This would mean having to service your projector.

Lens Tunnels

A projector illumination system includes a tunnel integrator incorporated with a field lens at its output end. One advantage of using the field lens is to form an image of the entrance end of the tunnel integrator at the secondary stop of the illumination system when combined with other relay and/or image field lenses in the illumination system. This reduces vignetting, resulting in an increased uniformity of illumination, and increased light throughput.

However, these can get scorched over a period of long use or by using a cheaper quality lamp and once they become dull so does your image and the output of your image is reduced.

Colour Wheels

When the colour wheel in your DLP Projector can’t spin properly, it can’t create an onscreen image with correctly rendered colour that produces a fully formed picture. The colour wheel’s impending failure accentuates the flickering rainbow effect that can make a DLP image appear to break up into individual colours when you move your head or your eyes quickly across the field of view. Eventually, the colour wheel shatters because of the effect of bad bearings on a device that spins at nearly 10,000 revolutions per minute.

Make It Stop

The only cure for a colour wheel failure lies in replacing the part. A Technician with the ability and expertise to access the part, removing and replacing it is an intricate job and may take a number of hours to complete.



Thermal Cut-Cut Switch

A thermal switch is an electromechanical device which opens and closes contacts to control the flow of electrical current in response to temperature change. The term Thermal Cutoff Switch generally refers to how the switch is used, ie. It cuts off the current to critical machinery when a temperature limit is exceeded preventing potential burnout or failure. once this happens your projector will not turn on and will need to be assessed by an engineer.


We give a six months warranty on all repairs, with most other repair companies only giving 3 months.

Preventive Maintenance.

Is your projector overheating or noisy; keeps turning off? Is the image very poor and cloudy? These issues could be due to a lack of maintenance.  Projectors should be serviced on a regular basis. Clogged filters and vents will cause overheating, and this can result in a failure of parts. Internal lenses need to be cleaned. A yearly service can prevent expensive repairs. Contact us for a price.