Projector Servicing & Repairs

Along with sales of projectors SPSolutions also carry our repairs for all makes & models of projectors. We can arrange collection by providing a delivery label, once we receive your projector it is assessed free of charge & we advise of the repair that is neccesary & if given the go ahead we can have your projector back in working order & returned to you,with a full report of the repair in no time ! See what some of our clients have to say about our repair service

Projector Servicing is very important to ensure that your projectors are kept working correctly.. Servicing projectors can improve image quality & prolong the life of each machine. Servicng of projectors should be carrried out annually to prevent a build up of dust & other harmful particles in your projector. Without servicing projectors are forced to work much harder than they normally should & in turn fans along with other internal parts begin to fail . New lamps installed in projectors which have not been maintained may not reach their full life expectancy or even blow due to over heating caused by a build up of dust. As pictured below Servicing & Optical cleans can improve the image your projector is displaying !

Above is a BenQ projector before & after a service … It is clear to see how much dust & dirt can build up in projectors from a lack of servicing. Vital components can begin to overheat & overtime will fail, all of which can be prevented by annually servicing your projectors.

Contact Us to book a servicing for your school or for any enquiries about projector repairs.

Epson Ultrashort Throw Repairs

The most common part to fail on Epson Ultrashort Throw projectors is the power ballast. As pictured above the temp light , lamp light & warning light will all begin to flash red together & your projector will power itself off after a certain period of time. We include a full service of your projector when replacing the power ballast to ensure your whole projector is back up running as well as it can.

NEC Auto Iris Repairs

Similar to Power ballasts in Epson projectors a failed Auto – Iris in NEC projectors will put your projector out of use. Our engineers can replace this part & as with other repairs we include a fulls ervice of the projector with the repair.