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Projectors & Repairs

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Epson Ultra-short throw projector

Maxell Short throw projector

Our Epson Ultra-short throw projectors are available in Interactive & Non-interactive models. The advantage of an Ultra-short throw projector is; they reduce glare and shadow on the screen due to their close proximity to the area being projected on.

Maxell Short throw projector can be adapted to fit most interactive boards your school currently has in place. This interactive boards also include older models such as; Sanyo’s & Prometheans. Saving your school the cost of a new projector mount. This projector has 3100 Lumens. Making it perfect for a classrooms. Extended educational warranty is available.

Projector Repairs

Along with sales of projectors SPSolutions also carry-out repairs for all makes & models of projectors. The importande of Projector Servicing is huge. As it ensures your projector is kept working correctly. Servicing projectors improves image quality & prolong the life of the piece of technology.

Annual service of your projectors should be carrried out often. To prevent a build up of dust & other harmful particles in your projector. Without service, your projector is forced to work harder than it normally should. In turn, fans along with other internal parts begin to fail.

New lamp installed in a projector. Which isn’t maintained, might not reach its full life expectancy. It can even blow due to over-heating caused by a build up of dust. As pictured below displays; servicing & optical clean improved the projectors image it is displaying.

Above is a BenQ projector before & after a service .

We arrange collection by providing a delivery label. Once received, your projector is assessed free of charge. SPSolution advises of the repair that is neccesary. Upon agreement, we can have your projector back in working order & returned, with a full report of the repair details.

Contact us to book a servicing for any enquiries about projector repairs.