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Maintenance & Repairs

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Projector Maintenance & Repairs

The team at SPSolutions understands your equipment needs to be reliable. Hence, we suggest servicing your projecting equipment annually at minimum. As it ensures your equipment is kept working in correct order. Servicing improves image quality & prolong the life of the piece of technology. As it prevents a build up of dust & other harmful particles.

Without service, your equipment is forced to work harder than it normally should. Resulting with fans along with other internal parts beginning to fail. In conclusion, the equipment which is not correctly maintained may not reach its full life expectancy. Luckily at SPSolutions, the team carries out repairs & maintenance for all makes & models of projecting equipment.

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Depending on your location, SPSolutions can either call-out to your premises or we can arrange a collection providing a delivary label.

In the instance of a call-out being conducted, SPSolutions provides an overall check of the projecting equipment providing a report on the condition of it after service.

On the occassion where only one projector needs maintaining, SPSolutions arranges a collection by providing a delivary label. Once your piece of equipment is received, it is assessed free of charge.

The team will report to you on the condition of the piece of technology & advise of the repair that is neccesary. Upon agreement, we can have your projector back in working order & returned, with a full report of the repair details.

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Quality means doing it right when no one is looking. – Henry Ford

SPSolutions takes great care of their equipment. When it is time to service our Interactive Screens we ensure to check all cables, connectors & plates. We ensure you have been notified on any missing compartments.

We are aware; the user’s of the screen do not always find the time to check for updates. Thus, while on site, servicing our boards, we ensure to check for updates available. Bear in mind; not updating your software may slow-down your operating system. Therefore, servicing is essential.

SPSolutions ensures to check our mounting brackets are in perfect order or whether they need to be replaced while servicing our Interactive screens. In order to prevent any hazzards from happening.

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