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Donview includes licensing free premium software for annotation and lesson creation.


Donview LED touchscreens to operate with IR multi-touch via USB on Win7~10 with NO DRIVER or calibration REQUIRED!


  • UHD [Ultra HD / 4K] 3840×2160
  • IR USB Multi-Touch
  • Front HDMI+USB connections
  • 5-Year Education on-site warranty


  • 84″ Viewable image area
    (186cm W x 104.7cm H)
  • 24W Speaker system built-in
  • External size: 202cm W x 120cm H



Donview manufacturing standards meet and exceed the highest

ISO9001:2000 & ISO14001:2004

industry regulations & standards.


Donview service and distribution agents carry a cache of replacement  parts on hand for fast on-site repair


High Integration and Easy Management
Display screen, OPS computer, touch device, and professional recording and broadcasting board card are highly integrated into one recording and broadcasting interactive touch flat panel, that gets rid of the cumbersome cross-debugging of multi-device, to facilitate the installation, management.

Simulation and Innovation
The classroom can be recorded and broadcast live in way of full HD 1080p by Donview recording and be broadcasting interactive touch flat panel, no required of the directed system, tracking system, audio processing device, hard disk recorder, video server, etc.

What You See is What You Get
What you see the micro-lecture contents is what you get as the interface of recorded broadcast is intuitive and the compositing of video can be completed automatically, the teacher can get the micro-lecture video that meets their requirements in the absence of mastery of the specialised synthesis technology.

Easy Learning, Easy Using
The teachers can record the lectures automatically by one key without the needs of supports from the professional recorder, achieving the recording in many classrooms simultaneously.

Cross-Platform Broadcast
The used standard RTMP protocol and HLS video streaming are in accordance with RTSP streaming, in addition to the built-in Web server and streaming media server, to play it directly through the browser directly without installing any plugins, achieving simultaneously broadcast by Windows, Android, iOS, Linux.

Integrating Educational Cloud Platform and Sharing Resources
After recording a Micro lecture, the teacher can publish video to an educational cloud platform for sharing resources, so that the teachers can observe and promote each other, the students can demand Micro lecture in preview and review according to their needs.