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Promethean ActivArena ActivArena makes Dual-User functionality—and vibrant group collaboration—at the ActivBoard possible. Complete with two ergonomically designed ActivPens (two Teacher and two Student pens), ActivArena allows two users to activate the ActivBoard simultaneously but gives the person with the “Teacher” pen control. The result is collaboration, connectivity and engagement like never before. The ActivArena Upgrade Pack is available for most* existing ActivBoards. (*ActivBoard 64, 78, 87, 95) and comes complete with ActivInspire Professional Edition.

Model ActivArena · Works with Promethean ActivBoards Only ·

Promethean Activpen3


The Promethean Active is a unique battery-free, wireless, mouse-pen. It writes like a pen and acts like a mouse. The Activpen can drag-and-drop, highlight, open tools and applications, switch between pages and activate sounds and images. The mouse functionality allows you to ‘double-click’ for additional helpful tools with onscreen guidance. The Activpen is so accurate and precise, you can measure and mark on-screen to the millimetre or degree.

ActivPen – Technical Info

Models ActivPen Works with All ActivBoards (Does not work with 3rd-party products.)

Connectivity Wireless, battery-free

Dimensions 167mm x 20mm x 23mm (6.57 in x .79 in x .91)

Weight 25g (0.9oz)

Promethean activwand

What are ActivWand and ActivWand 50?s

ActivWand and ActivWand 50 are extended-reach, mouse-enabled pointers for use with Promethean ActivBoards. What’s the difference between ActivWand and ActivWand 50?

The original ActivWand is compatible with ActivBoard and ActivBoard+2; ActivWand 50 is compatible with the new ActivBoard 100, 300 and 300 Pro Ranges.

Smart Pens And Eraser


Smart Board Pens and Eraser Set – All 4 Pens Plus Eraser ORIGINAL