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Projector & Screen For School Hall 

Bunscoil Mcauley Rice , Callan , Co. Kilkenny

We install cinema quality projectors and screens, that are ideal for schools that are in areas that have no local amenities to show films. You, as a school, could charge a fee to locals to enjoy films and entertainment. Within no time you would have paid off the cost of the equipment and would be making extra funds for your school.

The equipment can be installed so as not to interfere with the daily use of the room. Then with a flick of a switch the room will be changed into a cinema.

This equipment would also enhance Christmas plays, open days, sports days….the list is endless.


Moving Equipment

If a school is moving to a temporary building while waiting on a new build or just rearranging classrooms in a current building it is very important that equipment such as Projectors , Interactive Whiteboards , Speakers , Desktops etc.. are all moved & reinstalled in a professional manner

Contact our team for details & ensure that your equipment is moved safely & then put back in place in full working order ready for use with very little downtime for classes ! Our engineers ensure that all equipment is fully working before leaving each job