Cloud Solutions

Moving to cloud offers more flexibility & collaboration , in a school setting this is ideal as work , files or programmes which are used as teaching aids can be viewed & accessed in a realtime setting which is extremely efficient ! Cloud also offers the freedom to work from anywhere on various devices



Some more advantages of Online Storage:

Data is stored away from your premises so should anything happen to your premises your data is safe

Security levels are very high

Storage for a much longer period of time

If data is lost it can be restored much quicker

Possibility of Human error is much lower


As Microsoft Certified Partners for Cloud Solutions offer fully managed 24/7 support ! in the event of your online backup failing your issue will be solved from a manned data centre which monitors your backup


Server Hosting 

Bits engineers can work with you to transfer your Server to one of their servers in the Cloud ! This comes with 24/7 monitoring of your hosted Server