TM-CC Close-Coupled Projector Ceiling Mount


TM-CCv2> Universal projector ceiling mount for close-to-ceiling installation
> All parts included and arrives 95% assembled reducing time on site
> 4 fully adjustable spider arms fit 99% of projectors

One-Minute Product Profile


TM-CCv2 angleThe Techmount TM-CC is a universal projector ceiling bracket designed to secure 99% of data projectors safety and sturdily to ceilings. It is designed for applications where no ‘drop’ is required so no pole is included. It holds the projector 110mm away from the ceiling.

Robust Construction
High standard of finish and over-engineered for stability and safety. A rugged high-quality satin-white finish blends with ceiling tiles.

The top and bottom parts can rotate 360 degrees, and the spider arms have a maximum span of 340mm (13.4″).

Sloping Ceilings?
A tilting mechanism is built in allowing you to use the bracket with cathedral-type ceilings.

Safety Approved
As with all projector Techmounts, a safety cable is included to attach to the projector. The TM-CC has a recommended maximum safe working load (SWL) of 10kg which is well within the limits of the product.

TM-CCv2 tiltEasy fit
Fitting the bracket to the projector is simple; most projectors have threaded inserts in the bottom for attachment. Not all use the same diameter screws we provide a selection to suit almost all projectors. Simply adjust the arms on our bracket over the attachment holes, and insert a screw into the projector.

Tools Included
A spanner and pin-hex key are included.

Quick-release mechanisms make life easier for thieves so the TM-CC comes with secure pin-hex bolts.

Quick Manual


PMVmounts Short Throw 2 medium short-throw projector wall mount.

PMVmounts Short Throw 2 projector wall mount is universal and fits almost every type of short throw projector available (with throw ratio 0.2~0.4 including Hitachi ED-A100/200).

The arm on the Short Throw 2 can be extended between 411mm and 790mm and it also features a height adjustable wall plate (100mm adjustment).

Extension – 411mm to 790mm

+/- 50mm Fine Adjustment

Tilt – +/- 5° Fine Adjustment
with integrated spirit level

Fine Vernier Adjustment

Height – 100mm Height Adjustment at the wall plate

Loading – 15Kgs

Unit Weight – 4.5Kgs

Finish – Durable white powder coat

Manual and specifications 

Vision TM-TELE project mount